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Ideas for Adding Flowers to your Garden

by Charbel Nader 05/19/2019

If you are in Florida and looking for the best flowers that will not only survive, but also thrive in the prevailing weather of your area, you should consider one or more of the flowers below. 

Egyptian Star Flowers 

Also known as’ Egyptian star cluster’ and ‘Pentas,' the Egyptians star flower blooms all the year round. Meaning that it is an ideal choice for South Florida gardening. This flower blooms in several colors ranging from pink and red to lavender and blue. They are very easy to grow in Florida. Egyptians star flowers attract butterflies and bees in the springtime.


What indicates the arrival of spring in other parts of the country is the bloom of white and pink of begonias. In Florida, begonias thrive all year. The advantage of these flowers is that they do not require much maintenance and they are easy to enjoy. Begonias thrive well when you apply fertilizer to them. So, make sure you give them the right amount of fertilizer. Are you planning to have them in your window box? The begonias will thrive almost anywhere you plant them. 

Florida Sweethearts

These flowers are also known as ‘elephant ears' and ‘angel wings.' The Florida sweethearts are Central and South Florida's favorite during summer because the flower only blooms when the ground warms above 70 degrees.

Wishbone Flowers 

The wishbone flowers are one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow in Florida. Their petals come in shades of violet-blue. The wishbone flowers will thrive until the first frost. That is, they will bloom till December or January in Central Florida. And, they may thrive all the year round in South Florida gardens. The wishbone flowers are beautiful, compact, and grow up to one foot in height. 


These flowers blossom in April, and they are so familiar that people may overlook and underestimate them. Some people might even consider the flowers as a nuisance. In Florida, people regard them as invasive. You can plant the flowers alone in window boxes and pots. However, these flowers require a lot of water in a hot and humid climate, so you must have a stable water source if you are planning to have them at home. 

Flowers not only beautify a home, but they also add value to it and make it attractive to visitors and onlookers. If you own a flower garden in Florida, you will love having the best flowers that can flourish in your area. Consider one or more of the flowers above. Contact a landscape professional near you to help you with the best seeds and flower care for your home garden.

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